Anteater Books presents two children's books by educator, Dr. Phillip S. Morse

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"Gloria Mae, The Heroine of Dunkirk Harbor", children's book
Featured in a June 13, 2009 article in the City of Dunkirk's web site article entitled "Inspired by history - Educator Pens Children's Story Based on Lake Rescue"

Based on a real life rescue on Lake Erie in Dunkirk, New York, Gloria Mae, a veteran harbor tugboat, is beginning to be over-shadowed by younger, flashier boats until one day...


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212 Fun Ways to Help Young Children Grow

Here are 212 easy, enjoyable, and educationally sound ways to delight children and at the same time stimulate them in many areas of normal healthy growth. The activities are appropriate up to and beyond the time when children first begin formal schooling. They can be used with individual children or with groups, at home or in educational or child care settings. Busy families will enjoy combining many of the activities with regular family routines such as preparing meals, shopping for groceries, sorting laundry, getting dressed, taking a walk, and caring for pets.

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Children's Book "Does a Pigeon Bark?"


Also by Dr. Morse, a book for educators:

Want to improve the staff-to-student communication style in your school? Face to Face shows you how to go from adversarial approaches to caring and helping--without losing control of the situation. They offer you time-tested methods that counselors and therapists have used successfully for years, methods that you can modify for your personality and your school.
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