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Does a Pigeon Bark?

Children's Book "Does a Pigeon Bark?"Here are 212 easy, enjoyable, and educationally sound ways to delight children and at the same time stimulate them in many areas of normal healthy growth. The activities are appropriate up to and beyond the time when children first begin formal schooling. They can be used with individual children or with groups, at home or in educational or child care settings. Busy families will enjoy combining many of the activities with regular family routines such as preparing meals, shopping for groceries, sorting laundry, getting dressed, taking a walk, and caring for pets. Helping children learn through discovery, using activities that tie into a child’s natural curiosity and joy of learning is the primary focus of the book.


Each chapter opens with an introduction explaining the educational and developmental goals of the activities, followed by activity descriptions that specify any materials needed and provide simple “how-to” instructions. Suggested variations are included for many activities.

Drawing on readily available materials and resources, nearly all activities can be
done in a child’s home, school or immediate neighborhood. Some of the activities may seem familiar, while others offer a new experience for the adult as well as the child.

Each activity has been carefully chosen for developmental appropriateness, with
new and old concepts constantly reinforced and related activities identified.

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